Testimonial 1

"I've gone to four classes that WELL has provided this year and I am beyond impressed with what they are offering. I most recently attended Alana Scott's class on how to better focus your mind on financial matters. I was absolutely blown away with the information she gave us. I left the class feeling excited, powerful and optimistic about hte changes I could make to my finances. I also left feeling like I had the ability to be more in control of my life in many more aspects. Alana, as well as all of the other speakers I've seen, have been warm, inviting and extremely knowledgeable -- truly experts in their field. The fact that such important and life changing information is offered to us for free is heart warming. I am so very thankful for what WELL is accomplishing and for the heart that these people have. The classes I've attended this year have truly helped me in my journey to become a better and stronger person and I am confident they will be able to help many, many more women in the future."

Testimonial 2

“The Living Well Training can be a life-changing opportunity if the participants of the program are willing to open up their hearts and minds, and allow themselves to be guided on a journey to self-acceptance and self-improvement. On the first day of the training, I arrived feeling very stressed out, worthless and exhausted. I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence, which in turn made me act shy and keep quiet. If I had to rate the mental state that I was in on the first day of the training (on a scale from 1 to 10), I give myself a rating between 1 and 2. After the training ended, I no longer felt the stress and overwhelming exhaustion that I felt every day because I was armed with tools and knowledge. I now feel relaxed, full of joy and energy! Implementing what I learned in this training helped me re-evaluate my life and look at things through a more positive perspective; a completely different mindset than I would’ve used in the past. I started practicing gratitude and it is very rewarding. I enjoy my life, my family, my job and everything around me. I highly recommend this training and I think that all women from different walks in life and occupations could benefit from this experience!”