What it means to be Financially WELL 

The Women’s Education and Leadership League (WELL) is founded on the belief that three core areas — Financial, Physical and Emotional wellness are intertwined. We give women the tools they need to take charge of their lives, businesses, and communities. Our programs support women in these areas with life-changing education, cohorts, workshops, and seminars — all within a non-threatening and confidential environment.

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Financially WELL

WELL provides financial literacy and education through teaching seminars, workshops, online curriculum, and comprehensive cohorts. Providing access to financial literacy, creating clarity, and learning financial strategies is the key to building a lifetime of financial confidence. 

physically Well

WELL teaches physical wellness strategies through science-based techniques that help you understand the relationship between your physiology and your wellness. We provide proven solutions to help you quickly and efficiently transition out of stress and anxiety and into a state of wellbeing and joy. 

Emotionally Well

WELL enriches your emotional wellness through learning techniques that empower you to reframe negative experiences in your life and equip you with tools that allow you to master your emotions to work for not against you.

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Your donation allows us to connect women and create partnerships. We run seminar and workshops with our partners, seeking the most effective financial tools. 


Words from Our Living WELL Cohort Graduates