Alana Speaks on Financial Influencers

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with
— Jim Rohn

Who are Your Financial Influencers?

We see this all the time in our financial practice. People will refer us a good friend of theirs and they have almost the exact same amount in their nest egg.  The company you keep usually shares the same values has the same habits and you gravitate towards them because they are like you.  We love in others when we see a glimpse of ourselves.  This is not a judgment call in any way for who you spend your time with and I am certainly not telling you to dump your friends. Being mindful of your goals and who can help you with them is the point.

For Instance, you want to start a business, are you going to talk to the person who has been an employee their whole life or are you going to get advice from the people who have started their own businesses.  You want to retire, at 55 with millions in the bank, are you going to ask the advice of your neighbor who has brand new sports car, RV, and boat sitting in the driveway and makes very little money or are you going to talk to the people who retired at 55 and are traveling the world.

 The point is whatever your goal is financially, the people who can help you achieve that goal are out there doing it living it, and making it happen, most of them would love to share their success story and mentor you, all you have to do is ask. 

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