Speaking the Financial Language


                  Have you ever turned on the television and heard a loud raging lunatic screaming about investment return or when to buy and when to sell, or seen financial professionals flying around in helicopters bragging about how their returns beat everyone else, because they used this product or that product.  Is this really what investment and finance is all about?

Is it about the bigger car, the bigger house, the I’m better then you because this week my portfolio went up .5% more than yours.  The Industry does this, because frankly it doesn’t know how to speak my language, the language of women. 

                  My friend Erica, a life coach and founder of True Strength Wellness, told me at its basic element men’s brains are like waffles while women’s brains are like spaghetti.  Men tend to think that everything is separated into nice little categories where the syrup doesn’t spill over into another category.  For instance, the car is in one waffled off financial area the house is in another, the kids, college education costs, and portfolio returns in another. 

As women we view everything with intense emotion, love and interconnected, like spaghetti, how can the car, the house, the kids, the money all be separate? They all are a part of the financial picture and goals.  The Financial Industry still speaks primarily to the portfolio waffled off area in a man’s brain and since nearly 75% percent of all financial household decisions are made by women, isn’t it time the industry learns to speak spaghetti? 

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