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Ambassadors & Associates

Ambassadors are our spokespersons for the Women's Education and Leadership League. They engage our community and spark interest in our organization and its goals. Ambassadors seek out individuals, businesses and corporations who want to be part of WELL's efforts in their communities—from inviting our Qualified WELL Education Team to teach WELL’s 5 week Living WELL Wellness Cohort as part of their organization’s wellness initiatives, or sponsoring their staff members in attending one of WELL’s 5 week Living WELL Community Cohort, to event sponsorship or donations.

Ambassadors also support our Associates within our organization.  Ambassadors can serve as informational guides, mentors, coaches, or workshop leaders. Overall, they support the needs of our Associates and the WELL organization.



Associates make up a diverse range of women who become members of The Women's Education and Leadership League.  

Our Associates are sometimes facing a financial crossroads in their life—from a divorce to starting her own business—a situation in which important financial decisions must be made, usually in a time of uncertainty. Often this goes hand-in-hand with a need to stabilize their emotional and physical well-being.

Whatever their specific situation, Associates are ready and eager to move forward with their life goals—enriched by WELL's, professional financial literacy and wellness education.  


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