What We Believe

The Women's Education and Leadership League (WELL) believes in enriching financial, physical and emotional wellness for women.  We believe that strengthening women's knowledge and skills in these three key areas, equips them to succeed and flourish in their lives.  These three components are intricately linked and if one area is out of balance, then the other two areas will falter. 

Financial security leads to emotional well-being, and a healthy lifestyle is strongly connected to feeling good about oneself.  We strongly believe these three pillars are a winning formula for women to thrive.

WELL believes when we support and empower women with their financial, physical and emotional well-being - we create a positive and powerful force in the families, businesses and communities we serve. 

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Our Story

The Women’s Education and Leadership League or better known as WELL, was founded by a group of financial professionals who wanted to offer women practical financial advice, education and instruction—or “financial literacy”.  

We conducted research, hosted focus groups, and roundtables with women from all walks of life—business executives, community leaders, teachers, full-time mothers, small business owners, and even new college graduates.

This research revealed women want and need financial literacy, but are reluctant to seek it. We realized that the financial industry is largely dominated by men and the resulting advice and counsel comes largely from a male perspective. It usually does not take into account a women’s point-of-view.

We then delved into the culture of companies who invest in women—as employees, as leaders and as board members—and found that these companies outperformed their counterparts and had better return on sales, capital and equity.  


These companies shared a common cultural belief. They were willing to see things from another perspective and they actively promoted and nurtured women in leadership roles across their companies.  

We decided to create a non-profit organization that shared such a successful women-centric culture. A non-intimidating community that would foster the financial literacy women need to succeed and flourish in their lives, their businesses and their communities.  

We tapped into our community and business resources to create a rich and diverse league of ambassadors. WELL Ambassadors are our spokespersons in the community and mentors to the women participating in our programs whom we call Associates. We also decided to widen our services beyond financial literacy to encompass emotional and physical wellness education.

WELL has now touched the lives of over 5000 women by impacting and has significantly improved the communities we serve with life-changing financial literacy and education for women.


Women's Education Leadership League

Financial Literacy & Life-Changing Education for Women


Tax Information

The Women’s Education and Leadership League is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the Women’s Education and Leadership League are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Women’s Education and Leadership Leagues tax identification number is 47-3837472.