Tips to Balance Work & Life


Balanceā€¦that is a loaded word. When I was asked to share what I know about balance, I immediately thought, "What can I share that everyone doesn't already know?"

Balance was something that I did not believe in until I was forced to, and by forced to I mean when I was completely off balance, out of proportion and had lost focus of what really mattered.

Four years ago I suffered from what I thought was my heart stopping, but it actually turned out to be a panic attack. I was convinced I was dying as I dove into possible reasons why my body was shutting down on me. In the process of searching for answers as to why I was feeling so out of whack and horribly unbalanced I became an expert on wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Balance has since become one of the most important aspects of my life. It's something that looks different for everyone based on what each individual places the most value on. Some days it's waking up, hitting the gym, meditating and eating healthy. Other days it's sleeping in late, snuggling with your children, giving back to your community and eating that cheeseburger.

Personally, I break balance down into different categories of needs that we human beings have.

  • We need times when we feel secure.
  • We need variety in our life.
  • We need to know that we are unique, special and significant.
  • We need to connect with others and love like crazy.
  • We need to always be growing.
  • Finally, we need to be able to reflect and know that we are giving back and we are making a difference.

When we can look within ourselves and see that all of these needs are being met, that is when I believe we have truly achieved balance.  I know for myself to maintain balance in my life I have adopted these three simple tasks: 

  1. Writing in my journal as often as I can 
  2. Daily meditation 
  3. Yoga 
  4. And of course my most rewarded is spending time with girlfriends. 

Anna currently serves as the Director of Leadership for the Women's Education and Leadership League (WELL).  Because serving others is such an intricate part of who she is, it only makes sense that she be involved with an organization centered around empowering women to be leaders in their lives.